Who are we ?

Our Story

In search of authenticity, a change of pace and wide open spaces, on a cool January day we set down our bags at Aux Prés du Berry in Bonnilly, a charming hamlet in the village of Chavin, in Indre.

We fell in love with our new home, a farmhouse built under the reign of Napoleon I where pigs, cows, a mare "La Grise" and a farmyard once animated the daily life of farmers.

As months go by, we discovered the region and its hedged farmland that outlines the contours of the meadows. Each season offers a palette of colours with the cultivation of colza, sunflower, wheat, etc...

Our house is surrounded by a park with plenty of trees and fruit trees, which we never grow tired of.

But let's talk about Bonnilly-chavin, a small village of 272 inhabitants where we were warmly welcomed by our neighbours who are always attentive and ready to help us. It is so nice to receive support when you change your life. 

 So a big thank you to Dominique, the soul of this hamlet, who can't stop talking about the history of Bonnilly and the surrounding area, to Robert, who pampers our chickens with his garden salads and his wife Jeanine, who prepares delicious jams, to Patrick, the king of lawns, to Stéphanie the musician, Virginie and many others.

 We hope you will enjoy your stay in our house and we count on you to give us your kind remarks in order to improve and to keep on offering a quality service.